We finished up the site for the folks at BOXI Interactive and we waited a few weeks/months to launch.  BOXI was finally ready to launch things, so their new site is now live.  Huzzah.

BOXI Interactive Before…

What is there to really say about this website? It can be summed up pretty easily and the thousand words that this picture is worth will waste about 990 words.

boxi interactive old site


Yup. That’s a website I suppose.

BOXI Interactive After…

As you can clearly see, we didn’t have much work to do to improve their old web presence. We still decided to do a lot of work anyway.

Working with BOXI, designed and developed a modern, useful and importantly, scalable. Once Ally & Conquer is a huge success (fingers crossed), they will need a way to expand the site to include new games and properties. We succeeded in meeting their short term needs, while keeping in mind their long term growth.

Overall, we’re pleased with how it turned out and BOXI Interactive is really happy with the solutions that we provided.

See for yourself here: www.boxi.net