Our first real official client, Jackson Bond Enterprises, makes some incredible things.  They make custom carbon fiber and other woven materials that stand up to extreme environments.  Not like “Alaska” or “Sahara” extreme; more like “Re-entering the Earth’s Atmosphere Because We Made Something That’s on a Spacecraft” extreme.

We are fascinated by what they do.  It’s really important and meaningful work that presents them with so many difficult engineering and mathematical challenges.  We at Moriarty & Adler are nowhere near smart enough to offer Jackson Bond any help with that stuff.  Luckily for us, they had no idea what they were doing with their website or brand.

The Old Jackson Bond

Jackson Bond Old Site


What a beauty. Incredible. To give you an idea of how old their site was, take a look at that super nice maroon box towards the bottom middle/right of that image. It’s a visitor counter!


Another good sign that folks don’t really care too much about their website is an out of date copyright in the footer. Most people will get around to updating it somewhere in the middle of the year. The good people at Jackson Bond, who are truly too busy doing awesome stuff, didn’t update theirs after 2009.

The New Jackson Bond

Jackson Bond New Site


We helped them murder that old site and drop it into an incinerator, only to be seen in the likes of The Way Back Machine. WE built Jackson Bond a modern, clean, beautiful website using WordPress (so they could keep it that way). We distilled the information about their business and products into easily read and navigated site content. We also helped them out with a logo redesign and branding.

You can see the new site here.

You can also read what one of the Bonds of Jackson Bond had to say about us:

We had an antiquated website with limited functionality and a bland look. M&A worked with us to redesign our site from the ground up, helping us determine what we wanted, and more importantly what we didn’t know we needed. They were easy to work with, communicative, and insightful. Now we have a modern web presence that represents our industry and speaks to who we are as an company. — Justin Bond

We did some really good work at a very good price for an excellent client. We can help you out too.

Get in touch to see how.