The good people of Metal Textiles Corporation, a company in New Jersey that manufactures, wait for it… textiles made of metal (among other things), have a very old and useless website.  They are great at what they do and have incredible clients like Boeing and Aston Martin and others, but their site is very bad.


It’s a very bad website that needs a lot of help.  They reached out to their clients, and our old pals at Jackson Bond to see who designed and developed the new JBE site.  Well, we did.  Jackson Bond sent them our information and we came to an agreement: We will redesign their web experience, and they will pay us in custom fitted chain-mail.  Or American money.  Probably the latter.

So, that in mind, we will get down to the business of organizing, redesigning, modernizing and other things that end in ‘ing’ until they have a great new website.  We’ll definitely post about it when it’s up, because we have a feeling it’ll be very good when it’s finished.  Or, at least, we might have some suits of armor by then?